Entrepreneur Randall Fincke has dedicated his career to the advancement of medical technology and equipment. He founded both Access CardioSystems, developer of high-tech automatic external defibrillators (AEDs); and is the founder, CEO, and President of Advent Medical Products, which researches and develops technologies including heavy and light defibrillators and innovative clinical procedures.

One of Mr. Fincke’s most groundbreaking developments during his time at Access CardioSystems was Biphasic WaveControl technology, which limits peak current delivered to a patient’s heart during attempts at resuscitation. Additionally, studies demonstrated a 99 to 100 percent efficiency rating for first shocks. The use of Biphasic WaveControl was acknowledged as a cornerstone of the safety and efficacy of defibrillator usage, and furthered Access CardioSystems ‘ already excellent reputation for innovation and patient-first technology.

Randall Fincke’s experience in development, marketing, and business dates back 25 years to ZOLL Medical Corporation. His tenure as Vice President of Research and Development prepared him to found his own company, Cadent Medical Corp., which he later sold to Cardiac Science Corporation. He went on to establish Access CardioSystems in 2000 and, four years later, Advent Medical Products, where he has served for nine years. Advancements such as Biphasic WaveControl earned Mr. Fincke recognition from entities such as Frost & Sullivan, who honored him for his progression in the worldwide external defibrillator market.


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